Make Real Money Online - Like It's Growing On Trees!


Make Real Money Online - Like It's Growing on Trees!

Wherever there is a buzz about something people feel passionate about there is a magazine that markets to it. Go to any book store where they carry all kinds of magazines and count how many magazines are published for each topic. I guarantee you that the most profitable are the ones that have the higher number of issues talking about it. Buy one of each and devour them, yes read the advertising; the keywords you need are in the titles of the articles and in the little cards that drop off from them. Collect and savor every ad.The Clicks Per Action model of marketing uncovers a typical complaint from marketers about affiliate marketing programmes... Sometimes they start marketing anyone who is selling the associate product without making anything back. This happens a lot when an affiliate marketer promotes a program and points his/her audience to the seller, but few of the viewers then essentially buy anything.

You are not done yet; there are a few more things you have to do to filter through the mountain of information you now have at your disposal. Make a list of all the key-phrases you collected from the magazines, don't worry about filtering now you will end up this exercise with a solid list in a few minutes. Write each keyword in an Excel spreadsheet, you can download a template here.Remember the ads from the magazines that I told you to read? Search for their website online and see how many of these have affiliate programs for them and write them in the spreadsheet. Enroll in each one until you have 3 or 4 products that you can market.

This template will become a decision making tool to keep you organized. Believe me, you will be glad you can back-track your decisions when you try to make adjustments later. Now gather all your keywords and research them on Google's keyword tool; but don't be tempted to include any more stuff from their suggestions, keep any keyword for which there are more than 2,000 hits per month.What you have accomplished is no small feat! These people marketing on those magazines pay anywhere from $5000 to $25000 to publish their ad once on that magazine. If they were not making money they would not squander their money, right? What you now have is iron-clad proof that you will profit on that niche.

A fair count of internet buyers visit a website numerous times before deciding to even make a purchase. This is an issue for marketers due to that if the viewer bookmarks the seller's web site and returns to that, and so cutting over the affiliate web site, the vendor is the person getting traffic, brand promotion, and potentially cash for free.One facet of the cost-per-action model you have have to distinguish is that the commissions are not so high as those employing a pay per sale model. But this is simply offset by the fact that you could get plenty more click-throughs.




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