10 Crucial Steps Out Of Crisis


10 Crucial Steps Out of Crisis

my weight loss. No I do not have a product to sell Uncompromised Life you at all. I am sure you have heard of others doing something like what I am doing from time to time, and in my research I have discovered I am not the only one out there with this crazy notion. I am just truly sick of my fat, so decided to make a video of myself, stepping ON THE SCALE, with the promise to keep people posted regardless of success or failure. I am putting myself out there and risking absolute humiliation, doing something about a very private problem I have had for years now.When I actually stepped on the scale with the camera rolling that first time, I did not even know how much I weighed. I found out the exact numbers while filming it, and then posted it to YouTube within minutes of my discovery. To top it off and make matters worse,with the humiliation factor, I also posted my body measurements in my blog. Talk about HUGE numbers!

I am making a go of it, though. People can comment, send messages, or email me, and I realize not everyone will be kind. Some will be bluntly honest, but you know something? That is exactly what I need. A push, or even a shove, to get me going, keep me at it, and force me to finally do something to get my body back into shape.What I have done to myself is truly a shame. I am disgusted, I feel ugly beyond words, and in many ways, feel I have failed my family. After about nine years of living with this, I have finally decided to do something I had given up on ages ago. Lose weight, look pretty again, and be the wife and mother my family deserves.




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