Do You Think You Can Lose Weight With Dieting And Diets?


Do You Think You Can Lose Weight With Dieting and Diets?

While cardiovascular exercise is not the only activity Total Trim 11 Reviews needed for fat loss that some think it to be, it certainly plays an essential role. The real reason why it's so important may come at a surprise to you. Most people think they need to do cardio because it burns calories. While this is true it's not really about the calories. When you look at stored body fat being what it really is.stored energy you can begin to see why the efficiency of your heart and lungs plays such an important role.You need cardiovascular exercise to improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs so you can better transport nutrients and oxygen through your body. When you look at the Krebs Cycle and how your body produces energy you'll find oxygen plays an essential role in the burning of fat.

In fact, you can't burn fat for fuel at a cellular level without oxygen. Now doesn't it make sense that if you must have oxygen to burn fat that the more efficient you are at delivering oxygen the better you're body will be at it?The first role of cardiovascular exercise will be to improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs through moderate intensity "aerobic exercise." You must get your body efficient at absorbing oxygen if you want to really turn up the thermostat on your fat burning engine later. Higher intensity cardio routines that really start burning fat are only effective once you've established an aerobic base.


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