Success - "Ignore Everything"


Success - "Ignore Everything"

What if you are learning stuff you don't need, will never use or is a waste of time and resources? What if you are learning stuff that is wrong or just really temporary? What if you are not learning what is or could be the most valuable lessons of your life as you move forward? What if some of your prejudices, opinions, history, attitudes - whatever - are preventing you from learning what you need to learn to be happy, successful or contented? One more - do you need to unlearn some stuff to finally achieve the dreams, success, happiness or goals that you want to be part of your future?

What do I mean by unlearning? Two quick and probably dumb examples but they will make it clear what I am talking about. The Earth is flat. Well, that's what everyone thought for a long time. Then they had to unlearn that as the old information was proven to be wrong. So, unlearning old or learning new - it's really a moot point, what matters is that old information was replaced with new stuff.

Second example. When I was in college (long, long time ago) in a pre-med program one of my professors at the start of the first class said the following. "All of what I am going to cover during this semester will most likely be untrue by the end of the semester but if you want to pass the course you better learn it, so you can pass the exam and then just forget it all."

Wow, what a valuable lesson and not just for that three-month course.A quick fact (I was once told by a well-respected medical, psychological and scientific expert many years ago - who will remain anonymous - but maybe it wasn't a fact, but just his/her opinion based on his or her learning, experience, agendas or views."Everything we will ever need to know in life to achieve happiness, success, inner peace etc. is already stored in your sub-conscious and was put in your mind before you were born."


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