Bad Fats And Disease


Bad Fats and Disease

There are many benefits to retaining The 4 Day Thyroid Diet Review a healthy GI diet. Diets high on the GI are positively linked ailments and diseases such as heart disease, our nation's biggest killer. Foods that have a GI under 60 are considered low GI. The steal cut oats glycemic index is around 42 and regular old fashioned oats ranked at about 50 on the glycemic index of oatmeal. Since all of this has many benefits for all age groups then bring home a bag of oats to your family and get them to wise up with you and get healthy!

Jonathan is main contributor and co-creator of the new Glycemic Index info based web-site: []. Get lots more info there on the Glycemic Index of Oatmeal [] and also check out our free 10-part mini-eCourse, "Glycemic Index Secrets", it might be all you'll ever need (and did I mention it was free!!)

There are many stories about the important of the glycemic index of oatmeal. There was a farmer who was having serious digestive problems, they told him he may need to consider surgery. Instead he did some research and discovered Steel Cut Oats and found an entire new level of balance and harmony in his life. He stated that after he began eating those oats, his life just 'straightened out' and he was able to lower his blood sugar as well. This farmer became a lifelong consumer of steal cut oats I can tell you!



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