Edgy Conversations - It Takes Effort - That's Why It Hurts


Edgy Conversations - It Takes Effort - That's Why it Hurts

Ace of Spades: Besides this being one of the best songs Hypnosis Live by Motorhead, this is known as either a calling card by US Marine Corps or Green Berets in war.But it really hits home when I took on board what it meant. This is the ace of spades, meaning you have to dig for your success. And you can't use a teaspoon, you have to use a shovel or a spade. If you have support around you, people will help you dig. You will dig deeper and push yourself through pain and high water just to get to your "deeper resources"... By this I mean also have a purpose.

It's like if I told you there was gold right in your garden, you were certain, you began to dig, but with a spoon it will take you ages to get there. But imagine if you got a shovel, then got your friends involved? Now your gonna make some kick ass progress. That is what the Ace of Spades is seen by me... Being able to dig deep to get what you want.

Ace of Diamonds: You have to know what you are worth, this is also about how sharp you are... I mean that in an image, witty and charismatic manner, because you have to have those traits to succeed in every field of work. Knowing your worth, builds not only your self-esteem but your perception. See when you see yourself as a worthy person, people see you as just that, someone worthy of their time, money and someone to spend fun times with.




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