Elbow Support - Stop The Pain


Elbow Support - Stop the Pain

The occurrence of an ACL injury is very high so it can be diagnosed easily. Many times it happens in athletes or otherwise active people. However, secondary issues like obesity or trauma can injure an ACL in many non-athletic types of people. In order to diagnose an ACL rupture, a concerned doctor may ask different questions about how the ACL injury occurred. The questions may include whether a noise was heard during the injury process, or whether the knee swelled up or not.

The answers to these questions help the doctor in evaluating the nature of the ACL injury. In spite of these questions, two tests are also carried out in order to find out whether the patient is having ACL rupture or not. These two tests are Lachman's Test and Pivot Shift Test. These tests include examining the anterior translation of the knee and rotation of the leg as the ACL is responsible for these movements of the knee.

X-rays help in finding out fractures in the bones when an injury occurs, and an MRI helps the doctors to see damage to other parts like ligaments, cartilage etc. When you have injured your knee in almost any way, it is important that you protect it afterward. A wise move would be to protect your knee prior to an accident, but who is to say when an injury is really going to happen. A brace that is quality made can be one of your new best friends, helping to support an unstable knee while helping to provide pain relief.

Many physicians request that their patients get this kind of a knee support because they can help you feel more stable after an injury occurs. This article provides information about ACL and ACL tear diagnosis. We believe strongly in the use of ACL knee braces, but it is best to consult your physician regarding medical advice when you have hurt your knee Rinella Orthotics, Inc. - Founded in New Lenox, IL provides comprehensive orthotic treatment in Will, Cook and Dupage Counties.




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