Meet Brendan Nichols - An Internet Marketing Expert


Meet Brendan Nichols - An Internet Marketing Expert

Video Marketing - 30 minutes - Now this usually can take a while to do if you're trying to do a video on something you know nothing about! Make sure you do plenty of research on whatever you are going to have the video on, and have noted in front of you if needed! The best way I found with videos is if I don't get it within the first few tries I quit and try again the next day if I'm just not flowing right. Because usually after a few tries I try to memorize what I said in the others and it just doesn't come out right!

Facebook & Twitter Marketing (Social Media!) - 10-15 minutes - This is such a good way to build great relationships and get great potential people to use your services you offer. Of course, this is defiantly a marketing tactic that can take much much more than what is planned, but try to limit yourself! The system that I use that taught me EVERYTHING about social media marketing is Mari Smith Social Media Method Program! She is the leader in this field and you would be amazed at how much money there is to make through social media! The best thing about social media marketing is you do it already might as well make some money doing it right?

Tribes- 20- 30 minutes - Tribes, I feel, are one of the most crucial things to spend your most valuable time on! Take the time and give back great comments and tweet and update everything for everyone else! This is crucial for this to work. Give great valuable feedback to everyone and I promise in return you will get so much lead back to your site you would be amazed at what's going on! To me and most of the Guru's, this is the Number 1 way for lead generation! Especially if you want your content in front of thousands upon thousands of within a matter of hours!

There it is, less than 2 hours of work and getting everything out of the way! I mean yeah, of course, there are things I do for marketing online but for the most part, this is the breakdown and a daily bases of what needs to be done! This is how everything, in the end, will be utilized to be brought back to your page so you have the masses of the internet checking out your site and using your services! A practical way to start a Web-based business to succeed is walking the same path that the successful Internet marketers did.


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