Current Results Vs Desired Results


Current Results Vs Desired Results

You are being grossly underpaid at your job. You want to Subliminal360 Review speak to your boss regarding this matter. However, you are filled with fear and trepidation. You are worried that he will say "no." The thought of being rejected keeps your tongue tied.

Your lack of self confidence keeps you from speaking up for your well deserved raise. Yes, he might eventually give you a raise but nothing concrete has been discussed. Months turn into years and before you know it -- five years have gone by. You've been given a raise but it was not at fair market.

If you had self confidence you would have walked up to your boss and made your request for you well deserved raise. And if he refused, because you believed in yourself and your capabilities, you would have said bye, bye and went and found another job.

unds, you love yourself unconditionally. You are getting in shape because you want to be healthy, fit and fabulous.



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