Do Cheap Solar Panel Kits Work?


Do Cheap Solar Panel Kits Work?

In addition to saving money and protecting your possessions Power Efficiency Guide Review and yourself from UV rays, you gain health benefits from being exposed to sunlight throughout the day. Your body processes vitamin D and calcium better when it is exposed to sunlight. Serotonin levels are higher from sunlight exposure and that leads to a lessening of feelings of depression during the winter months.

The third way that a skylight tunnel affects you is right in the wallet. These tunnels cost anywhere from $215 to $265 each. That is a huge savings over traditional skylights. Your energy bill will drop after you install them and up to 30% of their cost is tax deductible(up to $1500). As an additional savings, these products are easy enough to install that a a first time do-it-yourselfer can confidently tackle this home improvement project. So, what you have are four different ways that skylight tunnels leave money in your pocket throughout the year.


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