Free Winning Mass Cash Tips


Free Winning Mass Cash Tips

I'm talking about hands-on instructions which were developed by a group of serious businessmen in a dedicated research laboratory, designed to take you through various mind-power disciplines step by step so that you can understand, learn and use them.Ever noticed how tennis champs can't stop smiling after they win a major tournament.Ever noticed how runner, Michael Johnson couldn't stop smiling and talking after he broke the world record.Ever notice how Mohammed Ali couldn't stop talking before, during, or after his best and biggest fights? (which he had already won "in his mind" before the event! aha!)That's what evolution of the mind is all about.

Tricking your mind into believing that the future is really the past and, when this "clicks into place" in your mind, it literally becomes the truth.Here is a very simple visualisation technique which can start you on the road towards greatly improving your luck.Place yourself in a comfortable situation where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing while you feel the tensions wash away. Tell yourself that with each breath you take you will relax more and more.Now project you mind into the universe. You can do this by imagining yourself travelling at breathtaking speed away from planet earth and positioning yourself so that you can "picture" the universe. You can see the galaxies and star systems and one giant scintillating pool of energy.

Then picture yourself wrapping your consciousness around this magnificent energy source and becoming part of it. Feel it permeate your very being with its vibrancy. Feel it explode into your consciousness with its pure white brightness. Feel it compressing in your mind so that the entire universe becomes one ball of blue/white energy.Now picture the financial event you require to happen and transfer the scintillating ball of pure energy into that event. Picture the required windfall event actually happening while you are connected to this energy. Picture a jackpot happening in front of you and feel the emotional excitement involved.It's important to note that this is not a one off exercise, it needs to be repeated every day for at least 21 days.


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