Field Guides To Our Rescue


Field Guides to Our Rescue

Disasters - either natural Alphanation Combat Fighteror man-made - and the unstable economy should make the majority of American families go back to the traditional ways of our grandparents. When we face these calamities, there are cases where emergency providers or assistance could take a few days, around 72 hours, before they could get to where you are. In most cases, you are on your own for the time being.

Most of us, Americans, take food storage for granted because we are more concerned with other things we deem more important. As reflected by recent studies, an average American family has food supply for less than a week on hand. Same with mini-groceries, supermarkets, and warehouses that do not have enough food supply.
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Being prepared with food storage is a major disaster awareness and preparation that every people neglect and pay less attention. Based on personal experience, being prepared is really essential to survive. I have actually survived the first three days after a disaster and it paid off. A sure advice is to store food enough for your family to last a month. Normal supply of food can deplete fast during the time of extreme widespread winter, a disaster caused by terrorism, or a huge catastrophe.

Due to the fact that our economy is unstable, the next day or the other some of us do not have our jobs anymore. It should then become an imperative .


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