Completecuresolutions Offers Complete Recovery From Physiotherapy Issues


Completecuresolutions offers complete recovery from physiotherapy issues

Indian health care is witnessing a new era of opportunity. Medical health service providers are reinventing present delivery models to bring intensive & customized healthcare much closer to the patients.  The existing & budding trends are poised to change the course of the health industry. Over the past few years, healthcare services are increasing their assorted services which are immensely influenced by latest technology features allowing it to make more reasonable and convenient for the patients. Many startups help in hospital management systems like doctor consulting, medicine delivery, and more significantly, in house health care services. Physiotherapy in Dwarka by completecuresolutions is one of its kind and offer customized home services.

Your home is going to be your virtual hospital. Believe it or not, that’s the future of health sector in India. Completecuresolutions offers complete health cure at your home. It acts as an aggregator and brings together diverse emergency services – psychologist counselor, nurses, doctors, fitness trainer and acupuncturist, paramedics, yoga trainer, ambulances, and first-aid assistants – all at one platform. On emergency requirement, patients can call for emergency medical assistance by just installing one tap on the mobile app. So far, this facility has helped patients during the critical hour. Completecuresolutions is a health organization that provides complete services in home health care, with primary focus on emergency health care & normal healthcare. If you want physiotherapist in Dwarka, you can call completecuresolutions and get the home services.

The development in India’s healthcare sector is driven by growing population, increasing incomes, changing way of life, easy access to great quality healthcare facilities, and intense awareness of individual health and hygiene.  The private sector is the driving force behind the rise in the Indian healthcare sector expenses on private hospitals accounts for 66.9% of total healthcare spending in India, among the highest in the world. Most of the healthcare resources in India are with the private sector, which includes 49% of beds, 26% of nurses, 80% of doctors, 78% of ambulatory services, and 60% of in-patient care. The organization helps individuals to stay within their own home to receive reliable and flexible customized care and support. Our patients’ care packages are tailored to meet the individual's needs. Completecuresolutions is a home health care provider that involves doctor appointments, remote monitoring services, laboratory checkups, pharmacy services, home health services, medical equipment supplies, telephonic health enquiry, and ambulatory support. The platform offers caring and soothing care to ailing patients in Delhi NCR. Their professional physiotherapist in Rohini offer several physiotherapy services and cures in neurological, pediatric, orthopedic, sports injury, and geriatric and post operative physiotherapy.

With a growing population of middle class and great usage of mobile broadband and internet, there is a great demand for quality and inexpensive home healthcare in India. The government plan to raise the health care spending to 2.5%of the national GDP by the end of its 12th five year plan, and to 3 % by 2022. Most of this will be done through private public partnerships and using technology to increase different aspects of home healthcare services in India. While most healthcare startups in India are still in their early stage, there are larger tendency arising in preventive health care, pathology, analytics, emergency services, home health care services among many other things.  We help patients establish a dialogue with a network of doctors, in case of any medical emergency. We tie up with doctors across different specializations to resolve patients’ complication.

About is a prominent company that offers home treatment patients. They have a team of trained medical specialists who work continuously for patients.


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Contact Person: Dr. Sunil Garg

Mobile no: 8708081994                 


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