Millionaire Or Billionaire? It's Your Choice! Secrets You Have To Know To Be Successful


Millionaire Or Billionaire? It's Your Choice! Secrets You Have to Know to Be Successful

A powerful emotional release exercise I recommend Maximum Productivity when you are feeling upset or frustrated is to get in your car and drive to a park or take a back road where you will be alone. Stop the car and make sure the windows are up as to not disturb anyone. Now fully express and free yourself emotionally by screaming or yelling at the top of your lungs. Be prepared because you might scare yourself. It can be quite surprising to find out how much pent up energy is inside. Once you let yourself express fully in a healthy way, you release blocked energy which can now flow freely through you which shifts your vibration and opens you up to the next phase of your life - bringing new joyful experiences with it.

Each life cycle is connected to your energy centers within your body starting at the foundation of your personality and cycling through to your spiritual doorway and integrating your Divine Mind. As you journey beyond the familiar in to unknown territory of your mind you will recognize that true power exists within. Trust the cycles of your life and wake up every day knowing that your life is shifting even though you may not be able to see it right now. The divine forces are always with you tweaking, transmuting and transforming in the invisible realms and every time you think positive thoughts about who you are and the life you are creating, miracles begin to happen.


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