Cardio Weight Loss


Cardio Weight Loss

Late night eating - Eating late at Fat Extinguisher Review night is one of the most common causes for excess belly fat. You shouldn't eat anything two to three hours before bed time. If you do, you'll inhibit your body's ability to burn stored fat while you sleep and even on into the next day.

Sluggish metabolism - Like it or not, as we age everything eventually gets a little slower, especially our metabolism. Burning calories can be a slow and difficult process. But if you eat a diet rich in the right foods, you can give your metabolism the kick it needs.

Once you're clear on what causes belly fat, you be better prepared to be deal with it. Armed with this knowledge, you can choose the diet and exercise plan that best meets your needs. And once you do, before you know it, you'll be on track to a flatter tummy and more youthful, attractive appearance.


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