4 Tips For Betting At Horse Racing - Horse Racing System And Top Betting Strategies That Do Win


4 Tips For Betting At Horse Racing - Horse Racing System And Top Betting Strategies That Do Win

Good Morning. A somewhat somber Tuesday the day Precision Bets  after the news that a fine racing legend was euthanized and will no longer be-able to fight to regain his once legendary stature. Barbaro the 132nd Kentucky Derby winner was put down Monday the 29th of January 8 months after his injury which happened after a few strides in the 2006 Preakness Stakes. The crushing of his back leg in the early moments of that race virtually took a hero to many and crumbled him to the ground on which he played and ran circles around other horses before.

Barbaro will not soon nor ever be forgotten in the race halls of many thoroughbred stables. Nor will he to the thousands who followed his career as a fine race horse who wanted to win so bad that he ran on guts more then many will ever know. A quote by one sports writer mentioned "The guts carry the feet, not the feet the guts." Barbaro's guts carried his feet to victory after victory. But it carried his heart a lot farther. Each sport has their hall of fame, a tribute to those who once played the game, shared the agony of defeat or the joy and heart pounding thrill of victory. Barbaro's wins were that of a gallant competitor who won with pride but never belittle his opponent. Many sports heroes could not claim that stature.




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