Internet Horse Betting - Strategies To Create A Winning Formula


Internet Horse Betting - Strategies to Create a Winning Formula

As if this wasn't daunting enough, there's something else Pro Race Consultants you've got to over come. It's called the take out, the vigorish, the vig. In other words, the money the track and state take out of the pool of money that the bettors have created.Let's say that the bettors put $10,000 into the win pool of race ten at old Shady Downs. When the race is over the state must get their share of the pie first, after all, they were kind enough to let you bet on the horse race. The state may take 10%. Okay, you think, no harm done, so now we have $9,000. Sorry, that's not quite right because the track also needs to take out money in order to pay the purses and run the race track. We'll give them 5%. That leaves the pool at $8,500. Okay, now we have to divide that among the bettors, right?

Well we're almost ready to divvy up the spoils, there's just one more thing - breakage. What get's broken? you ask. Hang around the race track betting on horse races long enough and you'll find out what or who winds up broke. Actually, breakage is the rounding off of the payout so that the totes don't have to pay you any nickels or pennies. They have a hard enough time picking up those dimes.


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