Horse Racing Methods To Compare Horses And Find Winning Picks And Best Bets


Horse Racing Methods to Compare Horses and Find Winning Picks and Best Bets

A good horse racing system is very valuable to the person who learns how to use it Jockey Jewels  wisely and who also realizes that even the best systems don't work all the time. One thing horse racing handicapping and betting have taught me is that you have to be flexible in your approach to making money as a horse player. The weather is a factor in races that are run on turf, dirt, or even synthetic tracks.

While the weather can change the surfaces of the racing ovals they also have their own peculiarities that a horse player must learn. Some tracks with sweeping turns favor closers while other, like Aqueduct's Inner Track, favor speed horses. The type of race also determines how each factor should be weighted when evaluating the runners. The horse with the running style that is best suited for the track model should be the one that gets a second look.

When playing maiden races speed is almost always the most important consideration. On an off track, of course, you also have to factor in the breeding of the runners. A maiden with a pedigree that shows a likelihood of talent when running in the mud should get that extra consideration as well. Because many young horses run greenly, expending most of their energy in the early stages of the events, they usually find a horse with early speed making the finish line first.





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