Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Main 3 Levels Of Players In Horse Racing


Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Main 3 Levels Of Players In Horse Racing

Do the same for each factor such as speed, pace, weight, etc. If the The Stable Guys Review ratings aren't available you can still use anchor handicapping by using the horse that you determine is the best in each category. For instance, if you average their speed at the distance in their last three races, you can find the horse with the highest average. That can be your anchor for speed. Compare each horse to that one for speed and create a hierarchy.

You can do the same for class by dividing the number of races run into the total purses won by that runner. The higher the average purse the higher the class. If your class horse is also your speed horse it will probably be the favorite. You can compare your figures to determine how much better that one is than the others. If you have a range from the speediest to the slowest you can then compare each horse's total to the midpoint in the range. Then start thinking about probability.


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