Why Should You Have A Fire Sprinkler System?


Why Should You Have a Fire Sprinkler System?

If you stop and think for a moment, it's obvious that this is impossible. The true risk in The Lost Book Of Remedies thinking this way is that you begin to expect the disaster to unfold in exactly the way the plan says it will. You begin to subtly make assumptions and ignore facts that don't support your expectations. You see what you want to see and what you see may be wrong.

The type of planning typical in emergency management is based on military war planning. This is not surprising, as the first planners were primarily retired military officers hired to help with nuclear war planning. They naturally used the type of planning with which they were most familiar. This consisted of a base document that laid out the assumptions and planning parameters and supporting documents that contained detailed planning data. Even with the adoption of all-hazards planning in the 70's, the basic planning format remained unchanged and, indeed, is still the norm, even with the growing popularity of the emergency response function format.



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