Best RPA Training Institute In Noida-Delhi


Best RPA Training Institute in Noida-Delhi

Inovi Technologies is the best RPA preparing organization in Noida. Get enlisted in this course today. Figure out how to RPA has supplanted the information passage and rekeying employments. Before the finish of this course you will see how to use the headway of mechanical autonomy process. The advancement in the field of RPA is sure shot and along these lines will give higher inventive conceivable outcomes towards information exactness. So get this chance and get enlisted for RPA preparing in Inovi Technologies noida.Robots are robotization programming that utilizes applications a similar way that individuals utilizing them, just without the capacity to take abstract activities. With careful decisions and sudden circumstances to people, robots experience their doled out work Step by step which can be predefined and can deal with the same number of work as you need to arrange. This re-designation of the work among people and robots makes the employments all the more intriguing and remunerating for your kin. In spite of the fact that robots could deal with end-to-end forms, it's increasingly regular for them to perform assignments inside a procedure.RPA  Blue prism is one of the application technology in RPA.It provides organizations with digital Force that fallows the rule based business process and interacts with the organization systems in the same way that exisitng users currently do the Blue prism.Best RPA Training Institute in Noida-Delhi This is a latest technology in Software Market.Blue prism RPA software includes a centralized release Management interface and process change distribution model providing high levels of visibilty and controls.RPA is a product that makes programming robots. Speaking to the fate of process mechanization in ventures and in addition redistributing elements, RPA considers that the world is moving progressively towards robotizing assignments that are better performed by PCs and enabling the human workforce to concentrate on errands that require inventiveness, judgment, and individual cooperation. A wannabe of RPA expert may learn finish ideas of RPA instrument by means of RPA preparing.Inovi  Technologies one among the best training company to provide real time professional training on technologies like (RPA) Robotic Process Automation, Inovi Technologies is a leading Training provider to accomplish IT industry requirement. More info visit here:

RPA course content:


Automation Anywhere


1 Automation Anywhere Training Overview     

  1.1 What are the Course Objectives?

  1.2 Who should go for this course?

  1.3 Pre-requisites

  1.4 Duration of the Course?

2 Automation Anywhere Course Content

  2.1 Introduction to Robotic Process Automation-

(RPA) and Automation Anywhere (AA)

  2.2 Task Editor

  2.3 Automation Anywhere Commands

  2.3.1 Keystrokes / Mouse

  2.3.2 Programs / Files / Windows

  2.3.3 Conditions / Loops

  2.3.4 Pause / Delays / Wait

  2.3.5 Internet

 2.3.6 Tasks / Scripts

  2.3.7 Applications

  2.3.8 Interactive

  2.3.9 Miscellaneous

  2.3.10 System

  2.3.11 Advanced

  2.3.12 Integration

  2.3.13 Security

  2.4 Automation Anywhere Advanced Features

  2.5 Automation Anywhere Control Room

  2.6 Hands on Use cases

  2.6.1 Use Case 1

  2.6.2 Use Case 2

  2.6.3 Use Case 3

  2.6.4 Use Case 4

  2.6.5 Use Case 5

Blue Prism

1 Blue Prism Training Overview

  1.1 Blue Prism Training Objectives

  1.2 Pre-requisites of the Course

  1.3 Who should do the course?

  1.4 Blue Prism Course Content

  1.5 Process Studio

  1.6 Process Flow

  1.7 Inputs and Outputs

  1.8 Business Objects

  1.9 Object Studio

  1.10 Overview of Error and Case Management

  1.10.1 Error Management

  1.10.2 Case Management

  1.11 Additional Features

  1.12 Consolidation Exercise

  1.13 Advanced Features

  1.14 Further Application Types

 1.15 Exercises of Sending a mail/updating-

Facebook status/sending a text using web   portal

  1.16 Hands-on with Real-Time Scenarios

  1.17 Certification/Job Oriented Training



1.UiPath Training Overview

  1.1 Objectives of the Course

  1.2 Pre-requisites

  1.3 Who should do the course?

  1.4 UiPath Course Duration

2.UiPath Course Content

   2.1 RPA Overview


1 OpenSpan Training Overview

  1.1 Objectives of Course

  1.2 Pre-requisites

  1.3 Who should do the course?

2 Open Span Course Content










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