Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market


Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market

Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market is expected to grow at CAGR of around 9.6% and will exceed over 17 billion USD by 2024. Major drivers of Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market are rising aging population, increasing the incidence of respiratory diseases like asthma and growing levels of pollution day by day. Urbanization, an increase in the number of factories with harmful chemical disposure to air causes an increase in population that will increase in respiratory problems among people that will give demand for therapeutic respiratory devices. Rapid development in the Asia Pacific region and increasing demand for respiratory devices fuel the Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market. In recent years, North America accounted for maximum share in therapeutic respiratory devices followed by Europe, Asia Pacific. Maximum share in North America and Europe is due to rising geriatric population, established healthcare industry, growing demand for point-of-care diagnostic testing, and growing investments for the healthcare industry. In regions like APAC and Latin America therapeutic respiratory devices market is driven by the growing healthcare industry, the increasing number of private hospitals, increasing per capita income etc. Therapeutic devise like nebulizer is used as medicine in form of a mist inhaled into lungs. Its types like compressed based, piston based, ultrasonic nebulizers provide relaxation to patients of respiratory diseases like asthma that gives demand for these respiratory devices. Humidifiers like a heated humidifier, vaporizer is used to reduce a cough. Heated humidifiers remove all impurities that will give more preference for using heated humidifiers and will increase demand. Ultrasonic humidifiers are famous for creating fine droplets using ultrasonic waves with less noise as compared to other humidifiers. Above mentioned specialties of humidifies fuel the market. Oxygen concentrators’ concentrates the oxygen from gases to provide enrich oxygen in ICU; the need of oxygen in ICU’s will increase in demand of oxygen concentrates in a market. Positive Airway Pressure Devices used for critically ill patients or for patients with deep respiration problems. Capnographs measures the concentration of partial or co2 gases in case of anesthesia. A need of respiratory devices in the healthcare industry will boost the market of Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market. global therapeutic respiratory devices market

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Electrostatic air filters are able to capture many of the allergens that increase allergy and asthma symptoms. Permanent washable, lifetime warranty of electrostatic filters give demand for these filters. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) follows a certain standard of United States Department of energy that assures the quality of filters or device. Hollow fibre filtration provides clean and purified air. Continues technological advancement in filers will boost the market. The filter is an important part of any theoretic respiratory device. Though some devices like nebulizers can work without filters use of filters makes a device more effective. Wick filters are the type of filter used in humidifiers has anti-microbial properties, anti-bacterial properties that enhance the quality of air provided by respiratory devices that will create demand for respiratory devices. Some filters provide facilities like lifetime warranty, washable, increases the ease of using the respiratory devices that will boost the market of therapeutic respiratory devices. Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market are the most important part of respiratory diseases. The increasing level of pollution, geriatric population cases increase in respiratory diseases like asthma that will increase demand for the respiratory device. Therapeutic respiratory devices market is one of the growing markets with 6.6% CAGR with North America as the leading market leader. Further technological advancements, growing developing countries, rising healthcare fund will boot the therapeutic respiratory device market in the forecast period.

Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market Segmentation

Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market By Product Type:

• Nebulizers o Compressor-based nebulizers o Piston-based handheld nebulizer o Ultrasonic Nebulizer • Humidifiers o Heated humidifiers o Passover humidifiers o Integrated humidifiers o Built-In humidifiers o Stand-alone humidifiers • Oxygen Concentrators o Fixed oxygen concentrators o Portable oxygen concentrators • Positive Airway Pressure Devices o Continuous positive airway pressure devices o Auto-titrating positive airway pressure devices o Bi-level positive airway pressure devices • Ventilators o Adult ventilators o Neonatal ventilators • Capnographs • Gas Analysers

Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market, By Device Technology:

• Electrostatic Filtration • HEPA filter technology • Hollow fibre filtration • Microsphere separation

Global Therapeutic Respiratory Devices Market, By Filters:

• Nebulizer filters o Inlet filter o Replacement filter o Cabinet filter • Humidifier filters o Wick filters o Permanent cleanable filters o Mineral absorption pads o Demineralization cartridges • Positive airway pressure devices filter o Ultra-fine foam inlet filters o Polyester non-woven fibre filters o Acrylic & Polypropylene fibre filters • Oxygen concentrator filters o HEPA filter o Cabinet filter o Pre-Inlet filter o Inlet filter o Micro disk filter o Felt intake filter o Bacterial filter o Hollow-membrane filter • Ventilator filters o Mechanical filters  HEPA Filters  ULPA Filters  Activated carbon filters • Electrostatic filters o Tribocharged filters o Fibrillated filters The above data will be provided for following regions/countries from 2013-2024 (USD Million) • North America o U.S. o Canada • Europe o Germany o UK o France o Spain o Italy • Asia Pacific o China o India o Japan o Australia • Latin America o Argentina o Brazil o Mexico • Middle East and Africa o South Africa o Saudi Arabia What information is covered in report? • Actual market numbers from 2013-2017, estimates and forecasts from 2018 to 2024 • Detailed market segmentation and market share analysis of each segment • Technology and regulatory landscape and reimbursement scenario • Impact analysis of various drivers and trends • Market segmentation and landscape • Competitive landscape, 2017


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