Cruise Liners: Romantic Holiday Gateway

Cruise Liners: Romantic Holiday Gateway

Cruise Liners: Romantic Holiday Gateway

Holidays ! The word is itself associated with relaxation and peace of mind. People plan their holidays in advance so that they can make the most of this time.

The Jahan cruise lines on Mekong is the perfect choice if you are looking for a romantic holiday with your partner as this cruise liner will give you a romantic atmosphere all around and this is really a dream place. 

Jahan cruise Mekong has many luxurious features around like luxurious cabin, pool deck area, observatory lounge and spa. In these special and deluxe cruise liners, travellers also get the fitness centres, dining venues, steam rooms and also the facility of spa. Apart from this, the cruise also has 26 cabins covered on two decks and they both have own private balconies. The designs of the cabins are very beautiful and you will experience the unforgettable time here.

The Jahan cruise and Jayavarman Cruise comes under the heritage line cruises. Jayavarman cruise also have beautiful cabins. This cruise has many features like 27 cabins and 4 decks and also have dining hall, funnel bar and lounge and Henry lobby lounge and also boutique shop, spa and Jacuzzi. Jayavarman cruise provides a great variety of food and beverages. In the lounge of this cruise, many varieties of wines are also available.

 Apart from this, you can enjoy indoor and outdoor massages in the spa. You can also get the beauty treatment like foot massage in the privacy of your own balcony. You can get the experience of lifetime and a luxurious experience in these two cruises of Mekong. Cruise experts are always available to answer all your queries related to these cruises.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Jayavarman cruise .


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