Detailed Guide For First Time Property Buyers

Detailed Guide for first time property buyers

Detailed Guide for first time property buyers

Home is the basic need of human being as it ensures safety and security. Those people who rent a property might be thinking about purchasing a property. Buying your own home is not as easy as it seems. It becomes very costly to buy home in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, NCR and many other places.

Many buyers find it difficult to buying a home for first time and they get confused in deciding some important factors.  You can get most out of your purchase by considering some important factors before buying new home or flat.

How much deposit do you need to purchase a property?

You are required to save for deposit before looking for the properties to buy. You should try to save 5 to 20% of the cost of home you are willing to buy. For example, if you are willing to buy a Residential property at Alwar costing 2000000, you will have to save at least 100000.

Ensure you can afford monthly repayments

As a first time buyer, you really need to think whether you are ready to take this step or not? You should think about your budget before purchasing a property. There are various strict checks when you apply for mortgage.

Look for the budget of other costs

You should also look for the other cost of buying a property. These costs include building insurance, initial furnishing, decorative costs, removal costs, survey costs, broker fee, stamp duty, mortgage arrangement, valuation fees and much more. You should be preparing for the other costs associated with property buying process.

Affordable home buyer schemes

If you are looking for Villas at NCR, you can get it under your budget. You can browse various website like magic brick, 99acres and much more which list properties. You can find properties as per your budget and location by exploring these websites easily.

When it comes to look for affordable properties and Residential property at NCR, you need not to look further than  You can find your dream property here without any hassle.  So what are you waiting for? Just connect with the builders and dealers and find out your dream home.


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