Learn About Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) And Diploma Courses

Learn About Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and Diploma Courses

Learn About Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and Diploma Courses

You can learn any vocational skill via joining any ITI course. It is not always mandatory that everyone should only look for ITI engineer or Doctor. There are so many options and diploma courses that helps your earn well and have a successful career in all aspects whether job or money.  You can earn a lot of money even by working as a mechanic or technician. These diploma courses are very beneficial for those who don’t want to pursue higher education but want to earn a professional degree. They can go for a diploma in various ITI courses.

Here we have mentioned some ITI courses that you can select from:

Well all diploma courses are good and offer you a chance to work as a professional in any field, buy you have to choose just one or right course which you like the most.


If you want to be a professional carpenter then you should look into it. This is available for low skilled skills and they can join it after completing matriculation. It helps you learn how to be a good carpenter.

Fitter Courses

This is also available for low skilled candidates that are two years long.

Book Binder

This course is only available in some particular states like Kerala and Maharashtra. The minimum duration of the course is 1 Year.

Foundry Man

You not even need to complete matriculation in order to join this course; you can join it after 8th class. It takes just one year to complete.

Mason Building Constructor

This is just one year long course available for low skilled candidates. They can join it after passing 8th class.  You will learn lots of things associated with building related work like mason work, renovation and many more.


Nowadays plumbing is in great demand and you can easily get diploma being a certified plumber. Diploma course duration may vary from 2 to 3 years as it depends on your choice.


If you have just complete matriculation and don’t have any specific skills then you should look for ITI courses available for electrician.

These are a few ITI or diploma courses that we have listed but you can find lots of option by browsing a good ITI website portal. Here you can find the unlimited choices in various different fields and industries.

iticollege.com is a Dynamic ITI Website which offers all information about courses, institutions and other information associated with ITI.


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