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No no no, it is not a treasure island or a hunt that one is sending you on.

Treasure island is one of the most popular holiday destinations which is tropical, noteworthy and probably one of the cheapest places that you can visit if you have already burnt a hole in that pocket. can be the nice place to know all about the places to visit and properties to invest in.

Palawan and Treasure point are not mutually exclusive. It is still the same pristine beaches which meet the might and gorgeous rocky mountains and the sea all at the same time. You can go hiking on a trail or even undertake a trek if you want to explore the island with your family and friends. The island has something for everybody.

If you have been dreaming of packing your bags and moving away from the hustle of the city, it is a must recommended place which also fits your budget. Treasure island is a treasure given that it is still unexplored a great deal and does not have the touch of industrialization ruining its beauty. It still has those emerald green waters which have been the major beauty quotient of the place.

Go adventurous or just coy up with a book, the island is bound to spoil you with choices. If you head over to the beach club, you would be spoilt for choices when it comes to food, beverages and not to mention the best customer service. The popularity keeps increasing day after day. This is evident from the fact that thee are major corporates who have been organising events here. Best news? You could also lease a holiday home here.

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