How To Prepare For The SAT Exam


How to Prepare for the SAT Exam

SAT Courses in Dubai

The SAT is an entrance exam that measures a high school student’s readiness for colleges. The exam measures the skills in three core areas- reading, math, and writing. Students of 12th can participate in the SAT exam. The perfect score of SAT is 1600, whereas the minimum score is 400. Let’s find the tips that help to prepare for the SAT exam. 


Inculcate Reading Habits

The SAT Test comprises a lot of reading. If you don’t have the reading habit, you may run out of energy. Comprehension types of passages are provided. The test covers five long passages. Read them and give suitable answers. During reading your mind should be alert and focused. These are non-fiction passages, so your preparation needs reading of nonfiction. The high school reading curriculum focuses on reading fiction. Secure some time from your busy schedule to read non-fiction. Newspapers can be an excellent source of reading. 


Practice Mental Calculation

As you know the SAT test examines your mathematics skills also and one of the two maths papers doesn’t allow you to use a calculator. In this context, your mental calculation trick will help you out. Practice mental calculation during your preparation. Vedic mathematics can help you in this regard. Several other mathematics books are available to help people. 


Brush Up Your Grammatical Skills

Do you know that almost half of the verbal section is based on grammar-related questions? Grammar is the base of every language. Your grammatical skills are evaluated by the SAT team in the verbal section. Solve grammar practice sets every day. 


Work on Your Weaknesses 

Everyone is not perfect in every subject. The possibility is that you are weak at mathematics but brilliant at grammar. Identify the subjects in which you are weak and need some practice to improve your skills on them. You never give up attitude will help you achieve success in the SAT Test. 


Join an SAT Training Institute

SAT is a standard test that can be applied by citizens of any country. SAT courses in Dubai give you the guidance of preparation. Coaching institutes have a team of highly trained mentors. They are well familiar with the question patterns and guide you accordingly. Moreover, you get a positive learning environment and can able to stay focused on your goal. Contact an SAT training institute that has an excellent reputation. Compare their success history to join the best institute in your area. Since it is a score based test, it is necessary to get guidance from expert mentors. 


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