Commercial Warewashing Solutions For Big Industries


Commercial warewashing solutions for big industries

Washmaticis a one-stop solution for machines and accessories related to the food and warewashing industry. There is a wide range of industrial dishwashing machines, vegetable washers, cratewashers, pot and pan washers and accessories like dishwashing racks, dosing pumps, sinks, detergents etc.

Let’s take a quick look at them:

The industrial dishwashers are a general-purposewashing system that fit in all segments of hospitality industry. They are in high demand in commercial kitchen equipments. These machines are designed with state-of-the-arttechnology. The appearance is compact and good with great cleaning effects. They show excellent performance based on the high quality research. They can meet all washing requirements for metallic or non-metallic bowls or dishes.

Crate washers are customized to clean everything from packing crates, production line crates and even transportation crates.

Grease traps, installed in the commercial kitchens, significantly improve their environmental performance by reducing high levels of solid organic waste, fats, and grease that may end up into local sewerage system. It is an environmentally friendly product and improves wastewater management as well as unpleasant odor near the units.

Pre-Rinse Spray Unit saves 70% of water as compared to the normal water tap. It is superior in handling cleaning tasks and removing food waste prior to dishwashing. Its heavy-duty in performance and prices are best in the market.

Commercial automatic water softener removes limestone hardness in water and eliminates scaling of internal pipe fittings and heat exchange systems. It greatly improves efficiency in cleaning and rinsing processes. It protects and increases the life of dishwashers and other types of equipment.

Specifically engineered Conveyor systems have special features and options that make it best in the industry. There are endless designs and ranges to choose from like roller conveyors and chain-driven conveyors, slat belts, poly cords etc.

Safe footing is ensured when applying Drain trough with grating. It rapidly evacuates the surface water or any chemical spills. The contaminated liquids find an easy passage through this drain system.

Main features of washing solutions manufactured at Washmatic:

  1. A variety of products is manufactured to suit the needs of the food and beverage industry.
  2. Advanced and reliable customer sales and services network to take care of the clients’ requirements.
  3. Customization of designs is available for the ease of the client.

About us:

Our technical support teams are well versed with the machine application, estimation of the workload and other HACCP practices. They are professionals who can deal with Indian conditions and find the best solution with a minimal budget. The sales and service network are commendable. Our knowledge and capability are effective and cost-efficient.

Contact Details:

Washmatic India Pvt. Ltd.



Contact at: +91 8800023044 


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