Bathroom Vanity Units - Adding Style To Your Bathrooms -Dolphin Craft


Bathroom Vanity Units - Adding Style to Your Bathrooms -Dolphin Craft

In this era where population is steadily increasing and living spaces are decreasing, bathroom vanity units come as a smart way of adding storage space inside houses, thus providing more space in the other storage areas. Today, they have added a new meaning to bathroom furniture and at the same time provide an effective solution to storing the different toiletries that you use in your daily life.

Items that you store in the bathroom are not just the same any more. If it was just the first aid kit, soap and oil before, today they include linens, shampoos, hair dryers, shavers, skin and hair care products and a lot more items. Obviously, this calls for larger bathroom vanity units that include more shelves and drawers that accommodate all these. And if you check the market you won't be disappointed too as there are so many varieties of cabinets that you could choose from.

Bathroom cabinets of today come in different shapes, sizes and colours to suit different types of homes. While some have two or larger shelves one on top of the other, some are smaller to hold the most necessary items that you need in bathrooms, suitable for smaller bathrooms that are seen in apartments of urban cities. While the most common colour for these vanity units is white, you could find other colours that match the remaining colours in the bathroom too. You could also find wooden or metal units that would go with any colours, in case you wish to change the colour once in a while.

The biggest advantage of bathroom vanity units is that they are highly flexible and great space savers. You could use them as mirror holders and at the same time store your bathroom toiletries inside. And if the readymade units are not suitable for your bathrooms, you could always customise them and make them match the bathroom size and colour. Today you'll find many manufacturers who can make bespoke units for you once you give them the necessary specifications and requirements.

While installing vanity units in the bathroom, one factor that you need to remember is that you should not add more storage items like boxes and cupboards to it. This would make the bathroom congested and make it difficult for you to move around. To avoid such a scenario you could make sure that the vanity unit you are purchasing can hold everything that you require in the bathroom and that it is easily reachable as well. Also, if you are sharing the bathroom, you need to ensure that the vanity unit is spacious enough to hold items for others too.



Whether you are planning on a new house or renovating an old one, bathroom vanity units are something that you could consider. Not only would they serve as great storage spaces but also add style and glamour to your bathrooms.

We offer a stunning range of Bespoke bathroom vanity London units, which are made from the finest quality materials and are just as functional as they are attractive. They can be made to any size and from any material, allowing us to help you make your dreams come true. From solid oak masterpieces to beautiful contemporary designs and everything in between, you name it and Dolphin Craft can provide it. Each one of our vanity bathroom units is durable and functional, ensuring that it is not just there to look good, and will stand the test of time. So, if you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful bathroom vanity unit, don’t delay, contact Dolphin Craft today and get a beautiful piece of bespoke furniture that matches your exact needs.

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